Landscaping Design Ideas for Your Garden

When landscaping your home after a renovation, creating the perfect landscape for your garden can often take time and careful planning. For many, knowing where to start with design can be the biggest hurdle. To function and look exactly as a homeowner envisions, attention to detail is often key.

Defining your landscaping needs

Many homeowners make the mistake of choosing a style and incorporating it, without taking into account specific elements of their current space. Factors like soil type and climate can dictate what plants will and won’t grow well – and this could affect the overall fit and finish of the garden itself (especially throughout the year). As a result, when you begin planning for a landscaped outdoor space, it may be important to consider a range of factors.

These may include:

  • The topography and conditions of the space
  • Ratios and areas of both sunlight and shade
  • The end-use for the garden itself (e.g. do you want to entertain, create a relaxing space, or cater to children?)
  • The desired amount of work you are willing to put in year-round (high or low maintenance?)

Once you have a clear idea of all of the above, you should be better prepared to choose the right design style.

Landscaping design ideas

There are a range of styles that can be incorporated into landscape design to create a space that both looks beautiful and functions in the right way.

Cultivated designs

Cultivated (or manicured) gardens are often the most synonymous of landscaped gardens. These typically feature straight lines and symmetrical patterns, and are often characterised with geometric shapes and properly-pruned plants (such as hedges and topiaries). These can require a lot of maintenance, so some opt for more informal styles that make use of curved edges and plenty of plant beds.

Natural designs

Naturally-landscaped outdoor spaces tend to work with the current aesthetic of the surrounding land, making use of local flora and fauna for a more native feel. This style tends to suit those with hopes of low maintenance and can be left to grow as organically as possible.

Cultural-based designs

Cultural design ideas are often very popular for outdoor spaces, with the typical English Garden and Oriental styles topping the list. The former offers a very traditional feel, with shrubs, perennials and maybe even a bird bath or two; whereas the latter can offer a zen-like space filled with water-features and calming rock formations.

To make the most out of your garden, choosing a style that fits your needs and even the architectural design of your home can make all of the difference, so it may be a good idea to hire a professional to help with both the design and the execution of your outdoor space. Having an expert on hand could help to avoid mistakes and keep your garden functioning as intended well into the future.