Electronic Store for NBN Batteries & More

4D NET Center – NBN Battery Supplier for Web Hosting

4D NET Center is an international hosting and deployment platform for developers and web designers.

We do not develop Internet applications or solutions directly; instead we refer project requests to qualified partners. You develop mission critical solutions, and we provide the Internet hosting infrastructure.

We offer dedicated servers with preinstalled software and hosting offers for 4D Business Kit shops, Mail, and DNS Servers to run on Australian NBN

The infrastructure of the hosting center (located in Biel, Switzerland) responds to today’s requirements for security and availability with everything needed to ensure the greatest possible reliability for all of the servers whilst at the same time working as a sustainable energy efficient supplier of:

  • Internet connection to different carriers
  • two separate leased lines
  • modern routers that guarantee a maximum level of available bandwidth at all times
  • security protection devices
  • fire protection devices
  • industrial UPS system
  • comprehensive backup system
  • electronic store & components
  • NBN Batteries

See Our Video on How To Install NBN Batteries

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