On Giving

Charity and philanthropy in Australia have been around for several decades. In fact, according to Dan Croke in his article on philanthropy in Australia, conducted by the National Charitable Fundraising Council, Australians have given more than A$2.7 billion to help other people and cause during the last decade. This places Australia as one of the more generous countries when it comes to charitable giving. Of course, Australia also has its own unique culture to consider when it comes to donating money and helping out causes.

Dan Croke – philanthropy in Australia

When it comes to philanthropy in Australia, there are a number of different ways to give. For instance, individuals can choose to give financially, through a charitable contribution, or through sponsorship, as in the case of sponsorship of a major event, charity activity or research. However, some people choose to give in other ways as well. Some choose to participate in community-based philanthropy activities, volunteer with local communities or donate time and skills to students doing philanthropic work. Some people donate to charity events, art projects or theatre productions – all of which offer a unique way to demonstrate one’s love and commitment to various worthy causes.

Dan Croke – Charities in Australia

Charities in Australia come in many different forms and sizes. Some are national organizations that have a wide range of different ways that they give to good causes. Others are small local organizations that focus on a specific cause. Still others are international charities with the ability to expand their good causes into remote and diverse parts of the world. Regardless of which way people choose to give, the support and participation of everyone is what makes charity events successful.