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Can I rent services from my server to my clients, ex. Virtual Hosting, Hosting of 4DBK Shops, etc. ?

Answers by Brendan McCann

Yes of course, your are able to rent these services to your customers without limitations. But you will be responsible for these services!

Can I run more than one 4D applications on a single machine?

Yes this is possible. The limitations will depend on the configuration of the machine an the number of IP-Adresses.

I do not want to rent a dedicated server. Can I host my application on one of your servers?

No, we only rent dedicated servers, but we can refer you to a qualified partner offering this service.

Can you help me develop a 4D Internet Solution?

4D NET Center does not develop Internet applications or solutions directly. Instead, we refer these projects to our qualified partners. We can help you find a qualified partner to implement your project. Submit our form.

How many domain names can be installed on one server?

The number of installed domain names on one server is theoretically unlimited.

Can I connect with 4D Client to my dedicated 4D server over the Internet?

Yes, this is allowed. However, performance will only be acceptable if you use a fast Internet connection with little latency.

Our standard configuration includes two 4D Client connections but can be extended if you need more connections. For more information take a look in our offers…

Can I be sure that my privacy will be treated with confidence ?

Yes, we do everything to respect your privacy. All the information you will give us will be keept to maintain your order or to get in contact with you. You will only we informed if we extend our services or if we have an offer, you might be interested in.

4D NET Center will not sell or rent information about their clients.

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