Fencing and Portable Toilet Hire

Finding the Right Construction and Event Equipment Hire Company

So, you’ve made the decision to hire construction and event equipment (namely temporary fencing and portable toilets) instead of buying it outright, but where do you start? With a range of hire companies operating in and around Australia you may be feeling overwhelmed, but the good news is that you could find the right fit for you by following a few simple steps.

1. Outline what you need before contacting a hire company for fencing & portable toilet hire

As you already know that hiring is better suited to your needs, it’s time to define exactly what it is that you need. Being prepared can help you to not only find the right hire company, but to get the best deal/policy for your needs in little to no time. Defining what the equipment’s use will be (i.e. high visibility for better construction-site security, or crowd control fencing for a festival), how long you need it and even a desired budget can all be of help.

As with any equipment and requirements, the list can end up being quite extensive, but it is likely to be of greater benefit to lay it all out than it is to go in uninformed.

2. Find a range of providers for fencing & portable toilet hire

Whether you are in the construction business or need equipment for an event, you may be able to ask others in your industry for advice. Many companies operate via word or mouth, so this can be a good way to find a reliable provider. Alternatively, a quick search online can bring up a range of worthwhile results – remember that local searches can be more targeted and could save you money when considering delivery charges and other similar fees (over their national equivalents).

3. Obtain quotes and read the small print when hiring fencing and toilets

Many hire companies will be happy to offer a free, no obligation quote, so it may be a good idea to compile a few from providers that fit your needs. This will help you to find the cheapest provider, whilst reading the small print for the policy on offer will give you a better insight into what they will include for the price outlined (for example, some may offer insurance as part of their policy for a small fee, so you may prefer to pay out a little bit more for this coverage, or for additional services).

Remember that not all companies will offer the same services for the same prices.