Compare Electricity Prices

Using a Comparison Site to Find the Right Deal on Your Electricity

When it comes to comparing electricity rates and plans, one resource stands above the rest and that is the tried and tested comparison website. These sources of information compile data relating to the key features of energy providers in an effort to simplify decisions for their users. By using these types of tools, you could hone in on a provider that you might not have considered otherwise.

How do these elctricity price comparison websites work?

Most will provide input fields where you can filter your results to better suit what it is that you are searching for. For example, if you are keen to go with a local energy company there are typically ways to focus on specific states within Australia, including Sydney and Melbourne. If you don’t mind where your provider is in the country however, then you may find yourself picking from a much broader selection – and this is where the real deals can be found.

How can you filter your electricity price comparison results?

This will usually depend on the website, but in most cases there will be multiple fields that can be selected for filtering purposes. You’ll typically find sections such as:

  • Location
  • Price
  • Rating
  • VSMA connector value ratings

Some websites use forms instead of input fields and in many ways, these forms can be far more efficient as they can focus on the most important aspects of an energy comparison goal. From searching via post code and getting to grips with the average rates in your area, right through to providing information on your most up-to-date bill for professional review (to see if you can save money).

Is it always possible to save after you compare electricity prices?

On average, it’s been estimated that 9 out of 10 people could save on their energy bills by using a comparison website – and this saving can range from a small sum to quite a moderate amount. In the best cases, consumers could find themselves reducing their bills by several hundred dollars each year; although even those that don’t will undoubtedly appreciate the reduction in their rates on a monthly basis.

And one of the most appealing things about changing energy providers is that many will offer a comfortable introductory option to new customers and once this period is due to expire, let them know that you are planning on switching and they may extend it – or switch to a new one and see if they can help to save you more money on your bills until your next comparison.

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