Daniel Croke : Antiques & Philanthropy

According to Dan Croke, there are many definitions out there of what exactly a philanthropist is, but in a nutshell, a philanthropist is a person who believes that society should be able to benefit from the gifts that people give to it. The philosophy behind philanthropy is that a person should not need to earn a living in order to give something back to society. It’s common for a philanthropist to base their giving method on a personal interest, and in the history of Australian philanthropy, the main forms of philanthropy were community based.

Dan Croke on Types of Philanthropy

There are several ways that a philanthropist can choose to give back to society, some of which are much more direct than others. For instance, many philanthropists use their money to develop educational programs, providing scholarships and grants to low income families, or to help with educational costs of students who would otherwise not have access to these educational opportunities. Others choose to donate to charity, by way of donations or grants towards specific charitable causes such as AIDS research or cancer research, or by participating in political activities such as voting or running for public office. In general, however, any form of philanthropy that helps to improve the lives of other people, is known as philanthropy, says Dan Croke

Dan Croke – What Can Be Considered Philanthropy

There is also a broad range of activities that could be considered philanthropy, including art creations, political activism, lobbying, fundraising, and philanthropy in the area of environmental protection. One type of philanthropy that are becoming increasingly popular, and that is fast becoming recognized as an important tool for changing the world, is volunteerism. As with giving to charity, volunteering one’s services comes in a variety of forms. Some volunteers actively participate in humanitarian efforts, while others focus on a particular community or social issue. Regardless of the type of volunteer activity, however, any effort to help others would be viewed as philanthropy.

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